UK government has ordered telecom companies to stop using “upto” in their broadband speeds

Haythem Elmir

In future, adverts must be based on what is possible to at least half of consumers at peak times.

It follows study that suggested broadband broadcasting can be misleading for customers.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) examined into consumers’ perception of broadband speed claims and discovered that many were confused by headline speeds that they would never really get in their own homes.

The interests were passed on to the Committees of Advertising Practice (Cap) which discussed with ISPs, consumer groups, and Ofcom to get a better way to advertise fast net services.

Most debated that the fairest and transparent way would be to use the medium speeds achieved at peak time by 50% of customers.

As well as maintaining ISPs use “average” instead of “up to” speeds, Cap also recommended ISPs to promote speed-checking equipment in their adverts so that users could test out the speeds they were likely to get from any given service.

Director of the Committees of Advertising Practice, Shahriar Coupal, said: “There are a lot of constituents that affect the broadband speed a consumer is going to get in their own home; from technology to geography, to how a family uses broadband.

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UK government has ordered telecom companies to stop using “upto” in their broadband speeds

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