The Drupal development team addressed many vulnerabilities in both Drupal 8 and 7, including some flaws rated as “critical”.

Haythem Elmir

Drupal maintainers have fixed many vulnerabilities in Drupal 7 and 8, including some flaws rated as “critical.”

One of the critical security vulnerabilities is related to partial cross-site scripting (XSS) prevention mechanisms that was addressed with Drupal 8.4.5 and 7.57 versions. The popular CMS uses a JavaScript function that doesn’t completely sanitize the input

“Drupal has a Drupal.checkPlain() JavaScript function which is used to escape potentially dangerous text before outputting it to HTML.” reads the advisory. “This function does not correctly handle all methods of injecting malicious HTML, leading to a cross-site scripting vulnerability under certain circumstances.” 

The second vulnerability rated as critical affects Drupal 8, it could be exploited by users who have permission to post comments to view content and comments they should not be able to access. The flaw could also allow users to add comments to the content that should not be able to access.

The Drupal team also fixed two moderately critical vulnerabilities in Drupal 7 and other two in Drupal 8. The flaws in Drupal 7:

  • A Private file access bypass – Drupal fails to check if a user has access to a file before allowing the user to view or download it when the CMS is using a private file system.
  • A jQuery cross site scripting vulnerability that is present when making Ajax requests to untrusted domains.

while the vulnerabilities in Drupal 8 are:

  • A Language fallback can be incorrect on multilingual sites with node access controls. Drupal marks the untranslated version of a node as the default fallback for access queries. This fallback is used for languages that do not yet have a translated version of the created node. This can result in an access bypass vulnerability.
  • A Settings Tray access bypass that could be exploited by users to update certain data that they do not have the permissions for.

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