Most Threatening DNS Security Risks And How To Avoid Them

Haythem Elmir

The DNS or Domain Name System is one of the most necessary components for the internet functionality. Most often, the internet businesses are negligent to the security of their digital identity that is the DNS. This poor security of DNS makes it vulnerable to many cyber attacks which are beneficial for the attackers.

Fortunately, an individual or regular internet user could prevent DNS leaks or such related vulnerabilities through DNS leak test and by changing their device’s setting to another DNS server.

Threats That Are Alarming For DNS Security

Here are 4 threats to your DNS security:

DDoS Attacks

The Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks are executed through accessing DNS server of an internet user or provider, where they pitch a bunch of malicious traffic and hinder the legitimate requests. Yet, this attacking technique is not particularized to DNS and its security, but the DNS server could have serious through it.

It doesn’t matter whether the website is prominent or not, if the DNS infrastructure is not working means it cannot monitor the number of incoming requests, then the site may face disruption.

To prevent a DDoS attack on DNS server, you may use an effective DNS provider which embody a wide coverage of Anycast servers so that there is the appropriate handling of traffic. Yet, the reason to use Anycast servers is enhanced performance and efficient load distribution while DDoS attack. Also, if you are constructing your own managed DNS servers then better leverage the power of Anycast.


The technique to trick web traffic through constructing a fake domain name almost same as the real target domain is known as Typosquatting. Through this method, a hacker could set up a variety of phishing attacks. However, it could also be used for stealing information.

To evade such threats from your domain, it’s necessary to monitor the new domain entries which are similar to your business names. Yet, an easier way to demolish this threat is to hire firms that provide digital brand management and safety services for you.

Registrar Hijacking

Unlike Typosquatting, you don’t fake it instead you break it. Most often the domain names are registered through a registrar company which makes them exposed to potential threats. An attacker could access your account that is managed by your registrar and could take control of the domain. Therefore, they can migrate the domain to the servers of their choice and worse than this, they could switch the ownership too. They are successful in such execution through breaking the account passwords of registrar’s support personnel.

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