Devastating phishing attacks dominate 2017

Haythem Elmir

2017 first half: Kaspersky Labs products blocked 51 million phishing attempts; mobile ransomware attacks up 250% percent; Ironscales’ own research estimates 95 percent of successful attacks start with phishing says Eyal Benishti.

The recent phishing attack on Breitbart shows how even the simplest attempts can be successful. In this case, a Steve Bannon impersonator tricked his way into ‘editorial’ conversations, despite misspelling his name and including Alan Partridge references in emails.

Some people – about one in 14 according to a Verizon report – regardless of awareness training, still click on phishing emails, so consequently spear phishing, email impersonation and spoofing continue to be major catalysts for the rise of CEO fraud and business email compromise (BEC) attacks.

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