FCC ignored fraudulent net neutrality comments, New York attorney general says

Haythem Elmir

Eric Schneiderman says that thousands of Americans were impersonated with fake comments to the FCC

New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman is openly calling out the Federal Communications Commission for not caring that thousands of people were submitting fraudulent comments regarding the potential repeal of net neutrality, something he compared to « identity theft on a massive scale. »

« The process the FCC has employed to consider potentially sweeping alterations to current net neutrality rules has been corrupted by the fraudulent use of Americans’ identities — and the FCC has been unwilling to assist my office in our efforts to investigate this unlawful activity, » Schneiderman wrote in a public letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai published on Medium.

« For six months my office has been investigating who perpetrated a massive scheme to corrupt the FCC’s notice and comment process through the misuse of enormous numbers of real New Yorkers’ and other Americans’ identities, » Schneiderman explained. Yet as the New York attorney general’s office tried to investigate the case, it found that the FCC was not willing to help them. This was in spite of New York requesting access to logs and other records at least nine times over the course of five months, including three requests in October.
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