Dropbox may be valued at $8 Billion after its Initial Public Offering


The Company announced that it will be increasing its IPO price range to sell its shares for more profit by including all shares contributed by stockholders, selling in this offering, the “greenshoe” and the original IPO, Dropbox will have a cost between $7.2 billion and $7.96 billion. It’s below Dropbox’s past $10 Billion valuation.

A Cloud security company named Zscaler went public and immediately saw its share price jump and Most of the investors in the valley are thinking it would be the same case with Dropbox, but there are cases where hyped startup failed miserably like for example SnapChat.

There will certainly be some shareholders selling stock in this IPO, though it looks like for the most part the control is going to stay the same.

Dropbox currently has 500 million users and some of the users approximately 11 million are subscribed to the premium services. The company has also bagged some the of the enterprise businesses which make the company sustain in drought periods when the company runs out of cash. Dropbox at the start had the interest of spreading via word of mouth thanks to its dead-simple interface, but since then has started developing out new tools geared toward larger businesses, such as Dropbox Paper.

The Process for the IPO for this company is tricky because the company setting a price range and then throwing it out there see if the investors take the bait if things go well, the range goes up. If things go poorly the range is going to drop.


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