Over 400 Popular Sites Record Your Every Keystroke and Mouse Movement

Haythem Elmir

How many times it has happened to you when you look for something online and the next moment you find its advertisement on almost every other web page or social media site you visit?

Web-tracking is not new.

Most of the websites log its users’ online activities, but a recent study from Princeton University has suggested that hundreds of sites record your every move online, including your searches, scrolling behavior, keystrokes and every movement.

Researchers from Princeton University’s Centre for Information Technology Policy (CITP) analyzed the Alexa top 50,000 websites in the world and found that 482 sites, many of which are high profile, are using a new web-tracking technique to track every move of their users
Dubbed « Session Replay, » the technique is used even by most popular websites, including The Guardian, Reuters, Samsung, Al-Jazeera, VK, Adobe, Microsoft, and WordPress, to record every single movement a visitor does while navigating a web page, and this incredibly extensive data is then sent off to a third party for analysis.

« Session replay scripts » are usually designed to gather data regarding user engagement that can be used by website developers to improve the end-user experience.

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