Orangeworm cyber espionage group target Healthcare organizations worldwide

Haythem Elmir

Symantec researchers have monitored the activity of a cyber espionage group tracked as Orangeworm that targets organizations in the healthcare sector.

Security experts at Symantec have published a report on the activity of a cyber espionage group tracked as Orangeworm that targets healthcare organizations.

“Symantec has identified a previously unknown group called Orangeworm that has been observed installing a custom backdoor called Trojan.Kwampirs within large international corporations that operate within the healthcare sector in the United States, Europe, and Asia.” states the report published by Symantec.

“First identified in January 2015, Orangeworm has also conducted targeted attacks against organizations in related industries as part of a larger supply-chain attack in order to reach their intended victims.”

Orangeworm was first spotted in January 2015, it appears to be focused on the healthcare industry, 40% of the targets belong to this industry


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