New malware strikes panic among B’luru bank customers

Haythem Elmir

The bankers in Bengaluru claimed to have discovered a new malware that helps the hackers siphon off money from a number of bank accounts forcing the southern city policemen to probe a number of complaints they received from the affected account holders. The policemen probing the cyber crime initially talk of MazarBot, a malware, used to sent some SMS to the bank account holders’ smart phones which provides the hackers with the banking details of the accountholders. These include the One Time Passwords and PIN required for banking transactions through net and Mobile phones apart from images, call details and messages. The hackers are believed to have been targetting those whose banking details are in their possession since they were trapped by the notorious malware which sent them SMS link to be downloaded without sensing any consequences thereof. As a result, the hackers had an easy access to the account holders’ details in their devices, be it Mobile phone, personal computer or laptop. According to the police team who deals with this fraud, the probe started as soon as they received nearly a dozen of complaints of the same nature—vanishing money from their state-owned or private bank accounts. All the affected customers admitted to have received messages from bank executives asking for some crucial information. Same it took place in phone banking where the account holders keep receiving calls asking for banking details. The Android phones are said to have more scope for the hackers to strike or to siphon off money from the account holders since the fraudsters can contact the account holder at any moment seeking PIN or OTP either by calling or sending SMS. The hackers have made it possible after they deployed with notorious malware that needs a thorough probe. The moment a bank account holder downloads the message link received this way, the hackers get easy access to their banking details, call records or can divert and block messages as they want. The cyber security experts have observed that the MazarBOT-like malware is the most striking tool for the hackers to delete all content from a smartphone. The hackers keep sending bank SMS like text message with a link which the moment an account holder clicks in his or her android phone will download the malware in question. It helps the fraudsters get all rights of the device, say the experts. They further have observed that once the malware is downloaded, the hackers get access to the banking details stored in the device. They then keep operating banking activities from the victims’ accounts to siphon off money. Acting on these complaints and the subsequent police investigation, the private banks in the nook and corner of the IT hub city have sounded alert on the customers to save them from falling on the trap of the malware that helped the hackers loot lakhs of money from a number of accounts. The customers are kept on alert against suspicious message links and not to entertain these messages and mail.


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