Italian Police Finally Identified 25-Year-old Italian Hacker who have Defaced NASA Websites

Haythem Elmir

After 5 years Italian police identified the hacker who is behind the NASA Websites hack and sixty institutional sites of local authorities.

The Hackers almost defaced around 70 websites that belong to Italian and foreign institutional sites along with American spy agencies and 8 NSA owned domainsback in 2013.

A 23-year-old man from Salò pealed guilty for hacking these well-known domains and change the home page of NASA websites and replace with “Master Italian Hackers Team”

Apart from this, he was engaged with the attack on various institutional websites and also compromise the security systems of the domains connected to NASA where the team conducting research related to international popularity.

National Anti-Crime Center for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures, organ of the Postal and Communications Police have been taken this case and initiate to identify the person or team behind this massive attack.

The defaced websites owned by Italian television Rai, Italy’s Penitentiary Police, and at least 60 other Italian government sites have been compromised.

According to rainews, The investigation, conducted by the Public Prosecutor of Brescia, thanks to the coordination of the Postal Police and Communications Service of Rome, has allowed the investigators of the Postal Police and Communications in Milan, to identify the perpetrator of the attack against NASA and the acquisition of additional elements that could attribute to him the violation of at least 60 other institutional sites of the country.

Apart from this, They repeatedly targeted the official websites of Italian schools, city councils, and regional governments, as well as branches of the police.


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