Hackers deface the website of the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan

Haythem Elmir

On November 20, websites of some organizations including government websites were affected by a cyber attack.

A hacker from Bangladesh goes by an online handle « Skidie KhaN », a member of the hacking group called  » Cyber Command0s(#Team_CC) » modified the main page of the websites of the Ministry of Justice. According to the local report, the defacement message said that the website was hacked by the hacker « Skidie KhaN ».

In addition,the websites of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, Attorney General’s office and the Ministry of the Economy were also under the cyber attack.

The Information Security Center of Uzbekistan declined to comment on the situation.

The consequences of cyber attacks on the websites of several government agencies of Uzbekistan is said to be eliminated. The government is currently working on finding the causes and method to thwart future cyber attacks.
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