Frost Bank announced it has suffered a data breach that exposed check images


On Friday, Frost Bank announced that it has suffered a data breach that exposed check images, crooks could use them to forge checks.

Frost Bank announced on Friday that it has suffered a data breach that exposed check images.

The bank is a subsidiary of Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc., its staff discovered an unauthorized access to its systems containing images of checks.

Attackers compromised a third-party lockbox software program, in this way they were able to access the images of checks stored electronically in the database.

“In March 2018, Frost detected unauthorized access into a third-party lockbox software program that allowed unauthorized users to view and copy images of checks stored electronically in the image archive.” reads thesecurity advisory published by the company.

“The identified incident did not impact other Frost systems. We have stopped the unauthorized access, and have reported the incident to and are cooperating with law-enforcement authorities.”

The lockbox services are normally used by customers to send payments to a central post office box, once the bank will receive the payments it will credit them to a business’s account.

According to Frost Bank, its systems weren’t impacted by the security breach.

The bad news is that crooks once obtained the images could use them to forge checks.

“Information from the accessed images can be used to forge checks.” continues the advisory.

Frost Bank

According to Frost Bank, the unauthorized access was limited to one software program serving about 470 commercial customers who use the electronic lockbox,

The company confirmed it stopped the identified unauthorized access once discovered the breach.

Law enforcement is investigating the case, while Frost Bank hired an unnamed cybersecurity firm to investigate the security breach,

“At Frost, we care deeply about taking care of our customers and protecting their information, and we regret that this situation has occurred. We are working very hard to make things right,” Frost Chairman and CEO Phil Green said in a statement.

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