37,000 Eir Customer’s Personal Data Exposed as their Company Laptop Stolen

Haythem Elmir

Eir data breach exposed more than 37,000 Irish customer’s personal data that includes names, email addresses, phone numbers and eir account numbers. The company confirms none of the financial data relating to the customer was leaked.

Eir is the fixed mobile and broadband telecommunications company in Ireland that was founded on 6 September 1999.

How Eir data breach occurred

According to the company statement “An eir laptop containing personal data for a number of our customers was stolen from a public location.”

The stolen Laptop contains the names, email addresses, phone numbers and eir account numbers. Eir says “the laptop was password protected but not encrypted. While we believe that data is typically wiped by thieves in these situations in order to sell the laptop, it is possible that the data could be exposed.”

Customers who receive emails from the company are affected by the data breach, and Eir confirms the majority of customers are not impacted by this issue.

“eir treats privacy and protection of all data extremely seriously and our policy is that all company laptops should be encrypted as well as password protected. In this case, the laptop had been decrypted by a faulty security update the previous working day”. the company statement reads.


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