SHEIN Data breach affected 6.42 million users

Haythem Elmir

Another fashion retailer suffered a data breach, the victim is SHEIN that announces the security breach affected 6.42 million customers.

The retailer hired a forensic cybersecurity firm as well as an international law firm to investigate the security breach.

SHEIN is now notifying affected users and it is urging them to change the password for their account.

Hacker accessed customers personal information, including email addresses and encrypted password credentials of customers who visited the online store.

There are no technical details about the incident, the company only confirmed to have found a malware on its servers and has promptly removed it.

” In addition, SHEIN servers have been scanned and malware found on the servers has been removed. “Back door” entry points to the servers opened by the attackers have been closed and removed.” continues the press release.

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