Sacramento Regional Transit System in California Held for $7,000 Ransom


On Saturday night an unknown hacker targeted the Sacramento Regional Transit System (RT or SacRT) in California and hacked into its website along with its critical cyber infrastructure. At first, the hacker defaced the site, left a message and pretended to be one of the good guys who hack and report to affected authorities so they can patch security loopholes in their system to avoid “bad guys” from targeting and taking advantage of them.

The message on the defaced site was written in broken English. Moreover, the hacker asked Sacramento Regional Transit team to contact them through a ProtonMail based email address so they can help them fix “Very Dangerous” vulnerability.

Sacramento Regional Transit System in California Held for $7,000 Ransom

By then, the hacker had complete control over the system that would allow them to delete the desired data. Upon contact, the hacker demanded a sum of $7,000 in Bitcoin as ransom or threatened to face the consequences. According to SacRT spokesperson Wendy Williams “It was simply a ransom attack where they were going to delete files if we didn’t pay via bitcoin of $7,000,” reported KCRA.

What Was Affected…

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Sacramento Regional Transit System in California Held for $7,000 Ransom

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