Mozilla doing Google to block FTP sub resources

Haythem Elmir

Mozilla will do a Goggle Chrome to block the loading of FTP sub-resources in HTTP-HTTPS pages introducing a new flag in Firefox 60 to disable the current FTP support in the browser as scheduled on June 26.

But the move, even if executed, never would block direct FTP links on webpages.

The Firefox also won’t block FTP address for the users to type in the browser’s address bar.

The Mozilla experts say this is the best possible way to tighten the browser security and privacy features which include HSTS, CSP, XSA since FTP has been proved to an unsafe protocol without any system to support the encryption techniques.

Moreover, the new system will firmly counter the malware distributions which normally rely on compromising FTP servers.

Google stopped loading the FTP subresources last year in the Chrome browser and with an FTP links in the browser address bar with ‘Not Secured mark’.

The move by both the browsing team, beyond doubt, suggests that FTP support might be deprecated in Google and Mozilla even as both the browsers have not finalized a date over it.

The 2015 Chromium bug findings have revealed that Google is in the process of deprecate FTP support in the browser.

With this, FTP links will open in FTP or file transfer software programs available on the computers.

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