MagentoCore Malware That Steals Payment Card Details While You Shop Online

Haythem Elmir

A new payment card stealing campaign with skimmer script targeting Magento stores. The malicious campaign is embedding Javascript based MagentoCore Malware on Magento stores that record keystrokes from customers and transfer the data in real-time to magentocore command and control servers.

A Netherland security researcher Willem uncovered the attack, it appears a single group of threat actors responsible for planting skimmers on 7339 individual stores in the last 6 months.

“The average recovery time is a few weeks, but at least 1450 stores have hosted the MagentoCore[.]net parasite during the full past 6 month s.The group hasn’t finished yet: new brands are hijacked at a pace of 50 to 60 stores per day over the last two weeks.”

How the MagentoCore Malware Works

The malware gain access to the control panel of the store by using brute force techniques and once they gain access to the store they embedded a skimmer Javascript and the scripts look for inputs in fields such as credit card number, validity and billing address.

MagentoCore Malware

Once it gathers the required information it sends the data in real-time to magentocore[.]Net server that located in Moscow.

The malware also adds a backdoor to the cron file which used to configure regularly scheduled tasks. By having a backdoor added in the cron file it regularly downloads the malicious code from the server and runs the code. After running the code it also deletes itself to avoid traces.

It also removes any other competing malware found already installed in the Magento Store. Also, it uses to change the password “how1are2you3″ periodically to the admin accounts.

What Store owners Can Do

William suggested a five points to-do list for the merchants affected MagentoCore Skimmer, he also released an opensource Magento Malware Scanner. According to public www, the Magento script found in 5172 web pages.

Also, you can scan your Magento shop with magereport that scan’s for vulnerabilities and other infections in the store.


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