Hackers Use Cloud Hosting Services To Deliver Malware That Steals Cryptocurrency Wallet Details


Hackers abuses cloud hosting services to distribute Stealer Malware by mixing it up with good ones to prevent the malware from getting blacklisted.

Researchers from Zscaler ThreatLabZ observed a popular hosting provider serving the domain used in phishing and malware attacks in wild.

Crypto-wallet Stealer Malware

Researchers found the domain http[:]//flexsell[.]ca which is hosted on IP 64[.]34[.]67[.]205 distributes weaponized word documents that contains a payload capable of stealing cryptocurrency wallet information.

The Stealer Malware particularly targeting the following cryptocurrency wallets Bitcoin, Electrum, and Monero.

The weaponized word documents contain an obfuscated malicious macro which will be executed once the documents are opened and initiate the HTTP request to download the Stealer Malware without user consent.

The malware package is custom packed and hardcore, it decrypts on runtime, upon execution it collects the details such as machine ID, EXE_PATH, Windows, computer (username), screen, layouts, local time, and CPU model form the system and submit to C&C server.

Its communication with C&C server is hardcoded, on the infected machine malware searches for default location was digital wallet stored, browser cookies and login details of popular applications like Pidgin, WinSCP, and Psi+.

Microsoft and DocuSign Phishing Page

With another campaign the attackers abused the hosting services for hosting the phishing pages, attackers targeted Microsoft and DocuSign with the phishing attack.

Phishing is a fraud mechanism used to obtain sensitive data such as usernames, password, and credit card details to carry out various malicious activities.

Zscaler published the blog post contains’ complete IoC and URL’s used by attacker’s to deliver malware.


To read the original article:https://gbhackers.com/hosting-services-stealer-malware/


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