Google is trying to fix the Bug that is slowing downs the Wi-Fi in your home

Haythem Elmir

Google is trying very hard to fix a bug that slows down Wi-Fi networks attached to both Android and Chromecast built-in devices. According to a blog post, Google said a bug in its Cast software on Android phones may mistakenly send a large amount of system traffic, which can slow down or momentarily impact Wi-Fi networks. The organization notes that the impact of the network depends on which router you’re using. People with an Android phone and a Chromecast device, like Google Home, on the same Wi-Fi network, are affected by the bug.

Google says it has recognized the issue, and the fix will be issued via a Google Play service update. The organization says users experiencing the problem should reboot their phones and check that their Wi-Fi router has been updated to the latest firmware.

The Cast feature on Google’s home devices is the culprit after the WiFi problems, according to a post on the TP-Link website. Cast sends MDNS multicast data packets in order to discover and keep a live connection with Google products such as Home. These packets usually are sent in 20-second intervals.

However, after a device wakes up from sleep mode, it sometimes declares a large amount of the packets more than 100,000 on some occasions at a very high speed in a short value of time. The longer the device is asleep, the larger the container burst will be.

This issue ultimately may cause some of a router’s primary features to shut down including wireless connectivity, according to the post. Rebooting a router will return WiFi connectivity. Damaging the Cast feature will address the problem, too.

“Google Home and Chromecast users with Android phones may encounter issues that cause their routers to respond slowly,” Paula and the Google Home product team admitted in a forum post on Wednesday. “We apologize for any trouble and this week we’ll begin rolling out a fix with an update to Google Play services.”

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Google is trying to fix the Bug that is slowing down the Wi-Fi in your home

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