Dark Web Malware Builder Allow Attackers To Create Malware That Steals Passwords & Credit Card Data

Haythem Elmir

Researchers from Checkpoint spotted a free online builder for building customized binaries for the popular info-stealer Azorult malware that steals user passwords, credit card information, cryptocurrency related data.

The Gazop service emerged as a result of the source code leak of Azorult’s panel version 3.1 and 3,2. the free Gazorp service allows threat actors to fresh samples of Azorult malware and to use their own C&C server.

Gazop – Recent version Azorult Malware

The leak contains the recent version of the malware that used by threat actors that observed in wild and the builder linked with a telegram channel. Also, the authors encourage users to donate through bitcoins.

Azorult malware

Researchers said “Gazorp’s panel’s look is far less enticing than promised. The main statistics page looks quite dull in comparison to that of Azorult v3, and the main improvement on its counterpart is the global heap map that provides statistics by country in a way that wasn’t accessible in the Azorult panels.”

Also, the threat actors advertised that they have made a number of changes including visual enhancements, better performance, multiple vulnerabilities and bug fixes.

Azorult malware

The control panel also contains some promised features such as the ability to extend for new capabilities and options to export various databases.

Azorult malware first evolved in wild by 2016, earlier this financial year Hackers Compromised More than 1,000 Magento Stores with AZORult malware to Steal Credit Card Details and to mine Cryptocurrency.

In another campaign spotted by Proofpoint, the threat actors delivering AZORult Malware Via Office Documents Steals to Credentials & Launch Ransomware Attack

The Gazorp build’s Azorult 3.0 malware which creates a mutex which allows multiple programs to share the same resources and the malware connection with C&C server done using XOR method and the return response encoded with Base64.

“This new shady service gives an example of the ease of accessibility to some common malware in the web. For now, it seems we are looking at a very early version of the Gazorp service (0.1), where the main product delivered is an enhanced Azorult C&C panel code.”

to read the original article https://gbhackers.com/dark-web-azorult-malware/


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