Public WiFi Used for Mining Bitcoin

Haythem Elmir

Hackers took crypto-currency mining one step further when a public WiFi in the world famous coffee chain Starbucks was used to mine Bitcoins .

This case took place in Bueno Aires, Argentina,  when the CEO of an email providing company ‘Stensul’, noticed a delay of 10 seconds in his connection.

It appeared that the public WiFi had been hacked and infected with a malware virus.

Upon investigating , he found that a code was the reason that forced the delay upon connecting to the WiFi. This allowed the hackers to mine Bitcoins using the processing power of his computer.

He then took a screenshot and posted the incident on Twitter.

According to Nick, following the tweet, he and a friend observed the same suspicious activity in three different Starbucks stores in Bueno aires.

The computing power of processors is used by crypto-currency miners to solve complex mathematical calculations and problems. Bitcoins are provided as a payment to the miners for their work.

In case of a hack, they use the hacked system’s power to mine Bitcoins. These minings cause the lifespans of microchips of infected computers to erode, due to heavy load of calculations on the processors.

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Public WiFi Used for Mining Bitcoin

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