Fears about the possibility of Russian cyber attacks in Britain

The British intelligence service has warned large power companies in the country of the possibility of Russian cyber attacks after the scandal with the poisoning of former Russian double spy Sergei Scrypal and his daughter Yulia, today reported British media citing a government source.

“Communicate with all major infrastructure managers in the country. He is in contact with National Grid (the gas and electricity company), “the source told The Sunday Times, as reported by the Athens News Agency.

The same paper added that National Grid received a warning from the NCSC last week and was informed about how to improve its security measures to prevent a blackout.

Security agencies are also reported to have warned the Sellafield Nuclear Power Plant, government agencies and hospitals of the National Health System (NHS) for a cyber-attack from Moscow.

Relations between Moscow and London have been strained since the beginning of March when Salshpil and his daughter Salmsbury were found unsteady on the bench. British Prime Minister Teresa Mei said it was “very likely” that Russia attacked as Scriptrol was poisoned with Novichok’s neurotoxic agent manufactured in the Soviet Union.

On Wednesday, Mei announced a series of retaliations against Moscow and yesterday, Russia responded with counter-measures against London.

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