Ethereum Scammers Make $5,000 in a Night by Impersonating Celebs on Twitter

Online scammers have made over $5,000 worth of Ethereum in one night alone, showing how gullible some cryptocurrency users can be.

Miscreants achieved this by creating fake Twitter profiles for real-world celebrities and spamming the social network with messages tricking users to participate in “giveaways.”

Crooks deceived users into sending a small amount of Ethereum, promising they would receive the sum ten times over as part of the giveaway.

All the messages followed the same pattern, even if the sums and Ethereum wallet addresses varied between the fake Twitter accounts.

We are donating 200 Ethereum to the ETH community! First 50 transactions with 0.2 ETH sent to the address below will receive 2.0 ETH in the address the 0.2 ETH came from.

Accounts impersonated a wide range of celebrities

Bleeping Computer has looked into the massive scam operation that took place last night and discovered tweets and fake accounts going back at least two weeks.

Here are some of fake accounts we identified participating in this scheme:[…]
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