Firefox to collaborate with HaveIBeenPwned to alert users on data breach

Mozilla is joining hands with popular data breach notification website (HIBP) to send an in-browser alert to Firefox browser users if they are visiting a site that was previously hacked and whether their login credentials have been involved in a data breach.

“This is an addon that I’m going to be using for prototyping an upcoming feature in Firefox that notifies users when their credentials have possibly been involved in a data breach,” Mozilla developer Nihanth Subramanya wrote in his Github repository.

“I chose to make it a legacy addon to make it easy to port into Mozilla-central in the future – it will likely involve window manipulation code.”

Firefox to use to alert users on data breach
Image via BleepingComputer

While has already become a trendsetter, its implementation in Firefox browser will solve two of the biggest problems users face online, 1: Most users remain unaware that their accounts were compromised 2: Hotshot firms hide incidents involving data breaches and do not inform users. One recent example is Uber, who in 2016 suffered a massive data breach in which 73 million users were affected but rather than informing users; the company paid $100,000 to hackers and urged not to leak data online.

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